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L'histoire d'une famille gourmande !

Le meilleur de la biscuiterie traditionnelle française fait le tour du monde !

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SIAL is around the corner

Chloé Gilles

The clock is ticking, there are boxes everywhere, sleeves rolled up, furniture creaking, people joking… The whole family is preparing for the triumphant début of our little biscuits at their very first trade show, the Salon International de l’Alimentation (SIAL). From Sunday 16 October to Thursday 20 October, look out for our striped jerseys in Villepinte. Isabelle, Bruno, Chloé, Fanny and Antoine will all be delighted to invite you to take a bite out of our warm biscuits, fresh out of the oven!

Flo is on the road again!

Chloé Gilles

Flo is the big brother. He is a great lover of the ocean. That said, he grew up with it in his blood. When your mum is Breton, your holidays tend to a have a taste of the seaside. And boy, did Flo get a taste for it! When he was 14, he even chose to set sail on a boatful of children for a year-long world tour. It was a year involving many great adventures for this somewhat atypical crew, which kept the families left behind updated by letters sent from each port of call. Last Monday he packed his bags once again. This time he's setting sail for Australia, because Flo is now a merchant navy officer. So we all made the very most of his last weekend in Paris together before he leaves us and sails out to sea for 3 months...