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L'histoire d'une famille gourmande !

Le meilleur de la biscuiterie traditionnelle française fait le tour du monde !





The story behind our biscuits!

Hi there, foodies! Our Oui Love it biscuits await you, fresh out of the oven! Moist Boudoir biscuits (Sponge fingers), irresistible Palets Bretons (Breton butter biscuits), crisp Langues de Chat, delicious Sablés Coco (Coconut shortbreads) and crunchy Palmiers… The very best of French biscuits are all set to take on the world.

In the Oui love it family, everyone has their own favourite recipe…




Chloe's favorite biscuit

Chloé, the older sister, always has energy to spare. Her favorite cookie is the "Boudoir" that reminds her of her Grandmother’s delicious Charlotte with almonds. Chloe is as free as a bird, she loves to y from Paris to New York, from Cambodia to New Zealand. She could only crack for a light biscuit. So in her suitcase which is always a little clustered, she inevitably slips a packet of « Boudoirs ». Their light sweet texture instantly melts in the mouth and delights her little nephews.



Fanny's favorite biscuit

Everyone agrees that the youngest,Fanny, is the sweetestof the girls. She loves when everyone gets togetheron Sundays so that she can share her favorite biscuit,the "Langue de Chat". Whether in Brittany with friends or trekking through Rajasthan with her family, nothingreminds her of home more than dunking the « Langue de chat » in a cup of coffe or a glass of milk.



Isabelle favorite biscuit

Isabelle is the Mother of the tribe of Gourmands. The "Palet Breton" is her favorite. The sacred cookie snacks of her childhood when she dunked a "Palet" in her Mother’s tea. It's the memory of these special little moments that gave Isabelle her real taste for simple pleasures. Those that we share by enjoying the moment, here in Paris, in Brittany, and elsewhere, on the other side of the world. Moments that we share with those that we love and those we do not know yet. And that's all the wonderful sensations produced by the Palets Bretons : the generosity of a great butter that makes them crisp and melt at once, to munch with all the family !



Antoine favorite biscuit

Antoine is the youngest, the twin brother of Fanny. She is the sweetness; he is the good mood ! He does not want to miss anything. As with his favorite snack : the "Palmiers". From India to Mexico, you will never see him travel without this lightly caramelized crunchy biscuit. And as he loves to feast and chat, he is likely to tempt you to munch it.



Bruno favorite biscuit

Le "Sablé Coco" is Bruno's forte. A crunchy cookie as comforting as a hug. Especially a hug from this doting father always caring for his children. Besides, in his suitcase, he first puts his kids then his own swimsuit. A game of boules on the beach, a kayak tour, a table-tennis match at nightfall... This Dad loves moments with his family, his wife and life ! And he invites you to crunch it with gusto with this extremely delicious shortbread!