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L'histoire d'une famille gourmande !

Le meilleur de la biscuiterie traditionnelle française fait le tour du monde !



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Our Story

YES ! It was 30 years ago when Isabelle and Bruno said YES, YES. Ever since, they are constantly packing their bags. From Paris they go to Senegal or Rio, or to Brittany to recharge their batteries.

But this adventurous Mother and doting Father never travel without their team of four Gourmets.

Since they were toddlers, Florian, Chloé, Fanny and Antoine have learned to pack their cuddly toys in their luggage !

Today, they are all grown up. They still travel, but often without their parents. However, they always take a part of their family life with them. They never forget the biscuits they have always loved. Those they were eating at home, those that were divided by 6 on a train platform, those cookies that « feel like home ».


With "Langues de Chat", says Fanny.
- "And Palets Bretons", Isabelle continues.
- "Boudoirs are a must!" adds Chloé.
- "And what about Sablés Coco?" asks Bruno.
- "Yes, but only if we have Palmiers too!", concludes Antoine.
And what about Florian? He is still undecided, but it shouldn't take him long…

And what was the last idea to come out of the family meeting? To share these biscuits that they love so much. And put a little zing back into these essential French biscuit recipes.
But where do we start?



Biscuits... Made in France!

In the Oui Love it family, we love to come and have a whiff of the delicious smell of little biscuits browning in the oven. For that, the ovens need to be close by! That's why the family stayed on French soil to find the very best biscuit makers for their delicious treats. This quest led to fascinating encounters with people that are passionately devoted to their trade, with hand-selected ingredients, traditional recipes perked up with a modern touch, and all this "Made in France", oui!

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