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L'histoire d'une famille gourmande !

Le meilleur de la biscuiterie traditionnelle française fait le tour du monde !




Puff pastry for lovers

A puff pastry as light as a summer breeze on the beach,
Oui! We love them!

The "Palmiers" are the best friends of small breaks. During tea breaks,snap and crackle, you will love their crunchiness. And at any time, they are ready to comfort you. The simplest thing to do is always keep them at hand. 


A snippet of history...

Does it owe its name to the fact that it gives us as much pleasure as the shade of palm leaves in the height of summer? Once again, there is still some doubt as to the origins of this biscuit. This heart- (or ear-) shaped biscuit was originally made by bakers to use up their left-over puff pastry. With its slightly caramelised pastry layers it is still one of the most popular after-school snacks.